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Old Sawmill Fly Fishing

Ever wanted your own private fishing lake?

The Old Sawmill lake is a fed by the Middleton burn which comes down off the Northumberland moors and is full or rich nutrients that trout love.   The lake was originally part of the operational sawmill here on site and was in a very sorry state when we bought the property in 2019.   The 2020 Covid lockdown gave us a great opportunity to restore the lake to its former glory. 


The lake is just over 1 acre in size and ranges between 3 to 12 feet in depth.   It's stocked with some of the hardest fighting trout you will come across.   The fish are all triploids so they don't waste energy trying to breed.   We stock them between 2lb to 8lb but they pile on the weight quickly due to all the nutrients coming down the burn and all the insects from the woods.


Fishing is reserved for our guests  and is managed on a day ticket basis - prices are shown below.   (Weekly tickets can be agreed )


Trout fishing has been a passion of ours for over 35 years and we are delighted to be able to share that passion with you.  We have day tickets for fly fishing - for experts and beginners.    If you are just starting out then we have a few rods we can lend you and are happy to give you some free tuition.   You can even book the whole lake for just yourself if you fancy it....your own private fishing lake !

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Day Tickets & Prices - Fly Fishing

4 Hours

- Catch & Release                                         £20

- Take 1 fish, then catch & release               £25

- Take 2 fish, then catch & release               £30

8 Hours

- Catch & Release                                         £30

- Take 2 fish, then catch & release               £35

- Take 3 fish, then catch & release               £40

Fly Fishing Rules

- Barbless hooks only

- All brown trout must be returned

- All fish over 3lb must be returned.  There is a charge of £5 per lb for fish over 5lb that are killed

- Keep all fish in landing net while releasing, do not handle if at all possible

- You can take additional fish to your ticket allowance at a price of £5 per fish under 3lb

- You are responsible for your own Environment Agency License

- No wadding. 

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- We can fit a max of 3 fly rods,  at any one time

- To book the whole place to yourself give us a call

- To book tuition please give us a call

- Please don't turn up without a reservation

- To book please call Steve on 07973199704

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